99 Bottles of Beer Inside Man

via 99 Bottles of Beer Inside Man | Apartment Therapy Chicago.

This ISN’T what I’m making with all my beer and wine bottles, but it’s on the same trail.  And I sure thought about stringing lights into the bottles, but damn.  That hole looks like a bear to make.  Looks super cool in this picture, though.  I thought about leaving the lights out in the elements (like if I used the bottles as edging on a path) perhaps buried underneath the open feet of the bottle, flat-side of the bottle up and keeping most of the rain off the lights inside.  But that would be horrible to replace bulbs, etc.  No, I think I could figure out a better way to mix light and glass.  I hope it turns out.  🙂

Of course, if I just made things easy on myself I’d hang bottles from trees and string the lights into them, as if each bottle were a huge cover on each bulb.  Shoot, there’s still time and bottles enough to do that…


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