More crafty bits, kickass morning

Another teasy photo of what I’m still excited to work on, once I’m back from another exciting adventure.  The rock tumbler is going steady since 6am, after some lackluster results last night.  I can’t believe how early I was up today:

I must’ve responded to my need to GSD* at the house, but knowing I wasn’t gonna get much time to be at the house this weekend, I found myself wide awake before 6am.  I cleaned the (desperately-needy) bedroom.  I cleaned the poolbot.  I scrubbed the pool.  I folded laundry.  I started a new load of laundry (good thing, cause my bathing suit was still in the pile, and I might like to have it this weekend on the coast).  And? I still had time to walk to work.  I was kicking names and taking ass!

This afternoon is more of the same: at lunch I emptied the dishwasher, got the car inspected (although stupid me, it needed registration, not inspection.  Doh!), shopped for camping, returned $100 bucks of pool chems from when my good buddy saved me the morning of Promocalypse by bringing them over.  ❤ Mara!  Oh, and deposited a whole rent check and a partial paycheck that explain why my bank account was running on empty all of a sudden.  Whew!  Nothing like going on vacation and wondering how you’ll eat once you get back…  Of course, the chard is looking good in the garden, so there’s that.

*GSD = get s(tuff) done

And with the rest of the bottle left over, I can make that chandelier one friend guessed I was indeed making. That's a by-product only. 🙂

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