Very Cool Rain Barrel

via Studio G – Garden Design & Landscape Design inspiration » A Very Cool Rain Barrel.

Dude!  Yes!  Now, does anyone know how to make this work without downspouts?  I want to have rain chains, but don’t even have gutters yet.  My biggest question is how to connect rain chain to gutter.  Hmm.

I guess in the meantime, the planter on the top of this barrel will simply take a major beating during each downpour.  Sucks to be you, plant.


One thought on “Very Cool Rain Barrel

  1. Pretty rain barrel. Just wanted to let you know that looks can be deceiving. A friend of mine has one very similar to this. Hers doesn’t have an overflow hookup and it’s seriously messing up her garden. Her barrel is sitting in a nice little flower and shrub garden along the house. During heavy rains, or just when the barrel is full, water flows out of the top and just floods her garden.

    Once you get your gutters and chains, make sure your barrel has an overflow (or at least a way to hook one up).

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