The Pallet Shed

Studio G – Garden Design & Landscape Design inspiration » The Pallet Shed: Using Recycled Materials to Construct Garden Buildings.

Also? This shed is from Granby, MA!  Read the full story at the link to get the name, o former denizens of Granby.

Yes yes yes yes yes and a million times YES!  I’ve been eyeing pallets for over a year now, ever since the scent of buying my own home got into my nose.  Once upon a time, my mom built a shed (the “pig apartments”) completely out of scrap and pallet wood.  It looks pretty awesome.  Her pallet wood wasn’t this uniform, so the especially interesting pieces became accents that framed windows or decorated the siding, gingerbread style.

Anyway, as I continue to eye the “rape shed” on my property and plan for its dismantling, I’m looking out for free materials to rebuild the shed, but smaller and more conveniently located.

The most annoying "feature" of the current shed: the only window in this room.
Sticking out there into the yard... all weird...

Anyway, the gross black monstrosity of a shed must go.  I’ve promised at least half of the materials to a friend to construct his own shed, and with the rest I’ll rebuild a more normal-sized, less-scary shed in a better place on the property.  Someday I might even consider having a little lean-to hothouse on it.  *drifts off into a pallet-induced daydream…*


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