My gift to the world: it’s versus its

Ok, peeps, listen up.  This kind of stuff drives me crazy for no other reason than it. Just.  Does. Sorry, but IT’S time we all learned.  Ready?  Ok!

When you have an apostrophe on a word, it either means some letters are left out or someone has ownership.  Nim’s means belonging to Nim.  Nim’s might also mean Nimmervationcalifragilistics, with everything cut out between the first m and the s.  Or I guess do+not = don’t might be easier to remember.   Whatever.

The Oatmeal has a great guide to misspelled words, including its and it’s.  (They also have a nice guide to beer and the coming zombie apocalypse, including a zombie bite calculator. Handy.)  Here is the panel devoted to it’s/its.

There is also another article that’s super wordy but useful nonetheless.  There are fewer manatees in this article from Write to Done, but I like it anyway.  If you need fewer words and good examples, this might work for you.  The domain name sounds cool:  Stormloader.  Sweet.

Anyway, I hope this compilation helps.  How about remember this: possessive for it is kinda like his and hers.  They don’t have apostrophes, and neither does it.

Thanks for playing.


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