Attack-it April: Laundry soap fail

OMG, this is so easy!

I found a recipe that outlined making either dry or liquid laundry soap.  Easy!  But since the wet soap called for washing soda, which I couldn’t find, I opted for the dry soap.  I got those ingredients gathered (Borax, bar soap [Ivory], and my beloved baking soda) and then couldn’t find the recipe again.  I googled it and found what I thought was the recipe.  Sorta.  Only it was for wet soap.  Ok, I think, looks like the only difference is melting the bar soap.  Hell, I can do that.

So I boiled up a pot of water, mixed it in with my shaved soap, and thought it was all done.  I mixed in the Borax and the baking soda.  I skimmed off the foam and used it for the waiting load of laundry (cause why would I make laundry soap if I didn’t have a load of clothes waiting for it right then?).  And then I set the beautiful jar of liquid aside, ready to smugly wash my clothes from the sweat of my own brow.  Um.  Not literally.  Anyway, after the load of clothes finished, I went back to dish out some more of my smug goodness.  Which had separated and solidified.

Say... that's unusual activity from a liquid.

I ended up just taking a core sample, sticking a butter knife down through the Ivory ice, and stirring up the dusty stuff at the bottom.  Surely this will still wash clothing…

Well, the second load smelled good and didn’t have stuff stuck to it.  So I call it a win.


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