Best day ever, except for that one time

This day just keeps getting better.

First, we headed to mom’s with two rugs strapped to my back on a motorcycle. High-larious. The MBF and I helped her set up outside “Market Days”, where she was displaying her hooked-rug crafting. Artwork, really.

Mom's folk art rug

After a breakfast at the Bluebonnet Cafe, complete with pie, we strolled through the vendor booths and saw a few cool (or hilarious) things:

Ana doesn't look too happy about having her picture taken...
Have you ever seen the sky framed?

We said hello to mom again, and headed off to find pralines at Opie’s BBQ. They didn’t have any. But that was ok; it is a beautiful day to be on a motorcycle!

We hit Austin Homebrew’s new location opening and were given 3 drink tickets and a food ticket. Damn! After my usual line-waiting-induced temper tantrum, I ended up with Uncle Billy’s Agave Wit and an Independence Brewery something. My best guess at its name is weizenbock. Anyway, those drinks sure made waiting for a third drink bearable. Oh, and MBF got the last Convict Hill oatmeal stout. Dizzamn was it good.

Brought to you by Austin Homebrew!

After a quick ride home, I’m now in the hammock, listening to doves and cardinals in the trees. Days don’t come much better than this.

This day sure had a nice hammock moment.

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