Reusable tea bag

via Eco Etsy Street Team Blog.

Now, why would I want this, when there are little mesh tea balls available all over the place?  I have 2 or 3, myself.  Well, for one thing, I notice that after a while, the locking mechanism on my tea ball has stopped holding together.  Sometimes I just end up with leafy water instead of tea.

For another, the chain has come of one of my tea balls, which means I just have to drop the ball into my hot water and hope my tea cools enough for me to grab the ball out…before my tea gets too strong.

And finally, the metal tea balls I have are metal.  I’m not entirely sure what’s going on when they go into the water, but I’m thinking it’s not exactly natural.  What’s more, what happens when I want to go out into the wilderness camping but still enjoy a cup of hot tea?  I can bring tea bags, and pack them in and out, or reuse them and try to figure out how best to store a squishy wet and delicate tea bag for its next use.  Or I can bring loose tea and my mesh ball, which is terribly bulky in my space-starved backpack.

Or then I can make one of these bags from mere scraps, make a tail long enough and sturdily connected enough to not break, which won’t rust or fall apart (or I can fix it), and which takes up very very little space and won’t be paper-flimsy when it’s wet.

Seems like a win to me, if I’m already a loose-tea fan anyway.  And I am.  🙂


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