Green Party versus Green People?

via:No Impact Man: Who do our political parties really care about?.

The blog post linked above is extremely familiar to me: it’s so frustrating to see almost nothing done on a large scale to help the environment. So much spin is put on politics. Calling coal “clean coal” by the folks who want to keep coal in production. Greenwashing products at the store so we will be more apt to buy them. Labelling “green” motivation and activists as quacks without scientific proof

It doesn’t matter.

If we want to see change, it must come from ourselves first.

That linked post?  It’s from “No Impact Man” himself. Go read his story; it’s amazing.  He changed, experimented with change, himself first.  He told his story.  And now many people hear what he did and affect some change in their own lives.  Some, like me, blog about things they change or want to change daily: all those little things add up.

They really do.

So start small, start with yourself, but just start.  Just do something.  Oh, and don’t be afraid to tell other people about it and even start a movement.  It’s ok, movements don’t have to be bad, crazy, or kooky.  Just do something.  Don’t wait for the government to make a law to force us into environmentalism.  Start on your own, now.


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