Heart-shaped ravioli

Yes, these ravioli are heart-shaped.  And delicious.

Dates, walnuts, and cheese in one; mushroom and spinach in others.

Also, body butter with lavender and this recipe from the awesome Wisdom of the Moon blog.

MBF rules.  That is all.


4 thoughts on “Heart-shaped ravioli

    1. Thanks! Yeah, we love the body butter, but it’s gotten considerably firmer since its inception. 🙂 It still works great, of course, and melts as soon as we touch it. It all comes out great regardless. Thanks for the tutorial and recipe!!

      1. None of my batches have ever lasted long enough to firm up too much. In fact, my man was bummed when we ran out. Guess I should make some more.

        And I’m always so pleased whenever I see someone actually making something I’ve written a tutorial for. Makes me feel I’m not writing into the void.

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