Olympics time!!

How excited am I about the olympics? VERY!! I can’t wait to watch hockey, boardercross, and ice skating. Heck, I’ll even enjoy curling and cross country and whatever else!

One Olympics, I got super pumped about hockey, checked out colleges in Boston, got an Olympic jersey, and sat down for 3 days to make a quilt on which I sewed the entire Olympic hokey team roster. I made it wide enough to go from neck to ankles while standing in the bleachers during football season, and long enough to wrap around me and my best friend, who also got a hockey jersey that year. It was the first project I ever finished. Ever. And although it’s a bit tattered now, I still have and use it!

But know my biggest Olympic treasure? This. Mufkin 1980 miracle on ice, baby. I found that sucker at a Salvation Army in Austin. Yep, Austin!! Someday, when I’m rambling around the country in my little VW, this mug will go with me. Everywhere. Leather handle embossed with the 1980 Olympic icon? Yes, please!


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