Plastics and eco-friendliness

via Plastics are so darn eco-friendly : Blisstree – Family, Health, Home and Lifestyles.

Yet more reasons to ditch plastics this year.  A rebuttal to the Plastic Council’s “Plastic is eco-friendly” campaign, for your reading pleasure, via Blisstree.

February update: I went to the store this morning and of course was in a hurry so left my bag in the car.  I stacked my groceries and walked them to the car in my arms.  I must’ve looked crazy, but I’m sticking to my guns on the no-bags thing.

I haven’t packed up any foods in the last week, so there hasn’t been any “what do I do about this food storage plastic” angst yet.  I did return all the Gladware I had in my house, though.  Friends were happy to have the containers back.

via Plastics and eco-friendliness.


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