February: reduce food storage plastic

So far, January’s goal of reducing and ultimately removing the plastic bags one gets from stores from my life worked pretty well.  I have 2 canvas bags sitting in my car last night, ready for tonight’s shopping; they served well for last night’s shopping and I think I’m well into remembering to return them to the car once the groceries are put away (or the next morning, as the case usually is).

Bye bye!

Now for February, I think I’ll move to the next part in the chain and stop using plastic to store my foods once they’re prepared.  Of course, I can recycle the plastics I already do have, but it’s always better to reuse, even before recycling.  To that end, I’m going to use up some ingredients in my house (dietary change is coming anyway) and maybe make some delicious things for my friends and family, and use the containers to give the food in.

Here are some ideas I have for reducing the plastic from getting into my life:

  • Stop using “reusable” and “disposable” plastic storage containers.  Remember how these were marketed when they first came out?  It was like Tupperware (which no one wanted to lose) but way more cheaply made and short-lived, so you wouldn’t mind “sharing” them with your friends and family (and thus lose them).  Instead, I’ll use jars and pyrex dishes.
  • Stop using plastic storage containers as from restaurants.  Two ideas here:  1) order smaller portions that I don’t need to take home, or share more entrees.   This’ll help the ol’ waist line, too.  2) Bring my own container for take-aways.  That’s right, I’ll be looked at strangely, but who cares?  This is something I’m doing for my own health and that of the planet, ultimately.  Who cares if I get a few stares?

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