Guild hacked, again

Sheesh. I pretty much am just logging in to WoW lately to do the world event achievements and drink my sweet sweet monthly brews.  When I do finally log in, my guildies challenge me with whispers to make sure I’m not a hacker.  Yeah, it’s that infrequently that I’m on.  Annnnyway, last night I’d been demoted from officerhood*.  Well, we all had.  Evidently, we’ve been getting hacked about once a month.  Yep, too many officers with guild bank access and no authenticators.

Now, most of us play on Macs and let’s face it, we don’t do stupid things on our computers to allow keyloggers and other crap onto our computers.  But in order to get re-promoted, we all have to post a screenshot with our corehound pet.  Well, this morning I downloaded the authenticator app to my iPhone.  Sigh.  It begins.

I don’t know why it makes me sad to have one, but it does.  Just like the day I had to go with my account and leave my sweet little login name behind and take my stupid email address instead.  Sheesh, giving up my maiden name wasn’t even this hard.  Man.  Lol @ my priorities.

*Re: officerhood in my guild.  Dude, we’re all just friends and family.  You don’t get into our guild unless you’re a friend IRL somehow, somewhere.  Your “sponsor” doesn’t even have to be an active player anymore, although typically they’re the ones playing with you as you begin your sweet sweet descent into seductive addiction.  You don’t have to raid.  You don’t have to be awesomesauce.  Hell, you don’t even have to be an active player.  You just have to not be an asshat.  That’s it.


One thought on “Guild hacked, again

  1. My hubby and I both have macs, and we finally both recently gave in and got auths… by we, I mean me. I was staunchly against them, and really still kinda am, mostly because I have to use one for work and it’s a pain, and I didn’t want my fun to be like work…..

    Not even the pet swayed me.

    But finally the increased number of hacked accounts as well as the new trick of putting an auth on an account that doesn’t have one caused me to cave.

    It’s not been that bad, but I still think it’s silly.

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