Huzzah! Mom’s “heelhead” hood complete

I'm not modelling nearly as silly as mom does...

This was an epic “knitting every spare moment” project. Christmas was well and over, and this is now my first official “Aftermas” gift. That’s a floating holiday sometime after the new year…it goes on for days!

Anyway, this is a great pattern and I could see it done really neatly with the cables in one color, the background in another, and maybe a pattern/chart in the hood part.

Just glad to finished! Hopefully we’ll hve some more cold before the year is up. But I guess it’ll work for next year, too… sigh.  I didn’t _quite_ finish it in the car as planned, but I did do the last few rows at mom’s kitchen table.  I explained to her about blocking and I know she’s up for that task.  She said she went to bed wearing it, which I think is high praise. 🙂

Ok, an explanation of mom’s pictures.  First of all, in every picture I have of mom, her eyes are closed and her mouth is open.  Every one.  I have the same malady unless I concentrate very very hard.  So the first picture I sent, of course that’s exactly what happened.  Then I got frustrated and was all “Dammit, mom!  Every picture…” This naturally opened the floodgates of silliness on my mom’s part.  So we have:

Ha! My eyes are open!

Ha ha!  Ya like this? Eyes open AND mouth open!

And finally, at long last, a non-silly eyes open and *gasp* mouth closed picture of mom. Thanks for being silly, Mamaceeder. And thanks for giving Billy and me a sense of humor, too.


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