January plastic goal: No more plastic bags at stores

This one’s easy enough.  I’ve stashed a few (of my millions of) canvas bags in my car and refused plastic bags when I’ve forgotten my bags in the car.

Today I used one of these bags to carry my lunch in, which further gets the canvas into my consciousness and keeps me remembering it.  🙂 Last night I bought yarn and accepted no plastic bag for it, then stowed my purchase in the bag I knew was (finally) in my car.  When I stopped at the grocery store a few minutes later, I took the bag inside with me and used it as a shopping basket as I browsed around.  So far, so good!

You can make your own cloth bag easily enough:
…from a T-shirt.
…from plastic bags.
…from a birdseed (or other feed/rice) bag.
…from pillow cases.

And that’s just a single search of Instructables.com!

You can purchase a bag of course, but be aware that this will include packaging and implied waste/costs.  If at all possible, avoid buying new things to be “green”.  You definitely have your own resources at hand!


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