A year ago today: what were you doing?

Evidently, I was knitting and WoWing, sometimes at the same time.

Hm, comparing that to today, I’ve got:

4) No books on the horizon, unless you count the farmers almanacs I zoomed through to find out what to plant this weekend (huzzah for planting season early in Texas; I spent 40 bucks on seeds and two blackberry bushes, plus I snagged a few ageritas from my mom’s place) and the Old Farmers Almanac planner I ordered from Amazon last night. I love that planner.  It doubles as a scrapbook as well.  ❤

3) I’ve got a hat/hood on the needles for my mom, which is about 20 rows from being halfway done. I started that on Friday, so I think I can get it done by this weekend. Maybe.  Never mind the rest of the list of gifts I’m still getting to, at least 9 strong.  More if I make _all_ the gifts I intend.  Which, wellll, I guess we’ll see if that happens!

2) *cringe* The same pair of socks from last year’s post are still on the needles. I’m considering ditching them and making a scarf for an uncle instead. I shall make a January/February holiday named “Aftermas”.

1) My living space is greatly expanded from last year, and it is therefore way not cleaned. My pool is, however, getting cleaner every day, which is good progress. After being away for Christmas and New Year’s for almost 2 weeks, there was a blanket of leaves on the bottom.

0) No raids for Nims lately. However, aside from missing the Christmas and thus entire year achievement by 40 HKs (granted, that is 4/5 of that bit of the requirement), my thoughts of WoW are once more returning to fancy. I even rolled a new mage on a server far, far away. I’m proud to say he’s now dinged 2.  Happy birthday to him.

Now, as for Google reader?  Erm…yeah, not quite empty.  All my free time has been working or knitting.  Doh!


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