Knitted things for Christmas

I super flaked and gave the girls their knitted things on Christmas day instead of waiting for the fifth day of Christmas, which was the Emperor’s New Clothes.

For Audrey, this Jingle Bell Hat.  She didn’t like it so much, but her mom did.  When trying to be forced to wear the hat Audrey learned the valuable ability of re-gifting and said “no, mom.  It’s for you!”

For Claire, a green scarf.  I made this ooh-la-la scarf, minus the final increase to 1600 stitches.  800 was plenty for a 6-year-old size.  I also added silver beads after the increase from 200 to 400 stitches, about every 15 stitches, I think.  At least, I knew I had so many beads and divided out the stitches to evenly space the beads.  It ended up being down the middle of the scarf.  Luck.

For Catherine, a horse hat of my own design.  She’s really into horses this year.  Yes, I’ll post the horse hat pattern once I’m through documenting the 12 days of Christmas.

Finally, for Melena I made leg warmers and a hat to match.  She seemed to rock them pretty well.  🙂


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