On the 7th-12th days of Christmas…

…Auntie Christmas-Days slipped away. Aw!  Sucks that I couldn’t hang out with my nieces more.  For the rest of the Days of Christmas, I made the gifts just be gifts and stories, rather than activities with me.  So here they are, and forgive the poor lighting.  These pics were taken as I wrapped stuff up on Christmas eve eve, pulling an all-nighter to get it all ready for my flight in the morning.  🙂

Day 7: Robin Hood.  I gave the older niece a couple of Robin Hood books that I loved, and made all 4 nieces hats from felt I had.  Note: fleece does not a good Robin Hood hat make!  For this pattern, I glanced at an old McCalls costume pattern I had and then just free-handed the sew lines, which are pretty clear in the pictures.  I hot-glued some feathers onto the hats.

Day 8: Hansel and Gretel.  I made lunch bags (so the girls would never be lost in the woods and hungry) from Sew Mama Sew.  Strangely, I have no pictures of them.  Sadness.

Day 9: Rapunzel.  Hair barrettes and whatnot.  I decoupaged some tin boxes to look more fairy-tale-like, including a window for li’l miss Rapunzel’s hair to be let down out of.

Day 10: Peter Pan.  I had found a choose-your-own-adventure book for this, and then suggested that Peter Pan’s hat looked strangely like Robin Hood’s.  I hope the girls also ran around with the Tinkerbell stuff I’d given them a few days earlier.

Day 11: Frog Prince.  Now this should have been really interesting.  I gave the girls a Leap Frog book with the Frog Prince story, lip gloss, and “princess” jewelry (I sold out and went to a Dollar Store) and told them to pucker up.  We saw the Princess and the Frog a week earlier, so I wonder how they took all that together.

Day 12: The Cat and the Fiddle.  I found a Nursery Rhyme book at some point in my gatherings for the 12 Days and thought it might be 2010’s theme.  Then I decided I’d probably lose or forget about it by then, and after I realized that Kerbey Lane pancakes are the bestest things in the world AND they have not only the cat and the fiddle but also the cow jumping over the moon printed on their label, it was a no-brainer.  I gave the book and the pancake mix.  🙂


3 thoughts on “On the 7th-12th days of Christmas…

  1. Totally cool. We actually have a Robin Hood (actually Maid Marian) hat lying around if you’re interested in using it for patterns, from the years at NYRF.

    Kathy wore it in her two years as Marian (I think it’s the same one that Michelle Hurd wore as Marian) and I honestly think that Kelley just uses it for dressup these days.

    1. cool! had i stayed in MI for the robin hood day, we would have made little paper cones with ribbons from the top, a-la sorta-princess style for maid marian. i really wanted to make a veiled hat for sheherazade, but i just didn’t get my shizzola together in time.

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