Another year until the big achievement

Bah.  Why do I leave the PVP portions of the achievements until last?  I know good and well I won’t do em and then the queues for bg’s will be crazy and I’ll get all st00pid waiting and inevitably…. be 40 HKs short and then have to board my plane and then not have WiFi at the beach house over the vacation.  Man.  Every time.  Now because I had an unbelievable time over winter vacation I’ll have to spend time in a fantasy world for fun and recreation some more.  Sooooo unlucky.*

*I’m joking here, folks.  Sucks to miss an achievement by so little, sure, but dang 1) I had a good reason, 2) I won’t NEVER play WoW again or anything anyway, and 3) it’s just a game?


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