2010 resolution: reduce plastic in my life

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This year I’ve decided to have a healthy goal that benefits me and the world around me.  Plastics have been in the news for their potentially hazardous leached chemicals, and they also take a long time to break down in a landfill.  Although recycling or reuse programs exist, it’s always better to reduce consumption before turning to the recycling part of the triangle (and in the case of plastics, more signs point to it being dangerous to reuse certain items on your own). I thought I’d do my part and cut plastics from my life as much as possible.

Each month I’ll have a special plastics goal that, over the long run, should help me to achieve my year-long goal for a less plastic-heavy life.  At worst, I’ll have a simpler life anyway.

  1. No more plastic bags at stores.
  2. Phase out plastic food-storage bins.
  3. Phase out plastic cutlery.
  4. Find an alternative to plastic sport bottles.
  5. Stop buying plastic bottled water.
  6. Find alternatives to plastic “party” cups.
  7. No more plastic storage bags (sandwich or zip-type).
  8. Use my own produce bags (or none at all).
  9. Stop buying cellophane-packaged items.
  10. Stop buying beauty items packaged in plastics.
  11. Reduce cookware and bakeware to glass, wood, and metals.
  12. Stop buying food items in plastic*.

I’ll blog with more details on each monthly goal: how I plan to do it, stats on saved resources (where available), and I hope to follow up with each month’s goal to see how I’ve done and how easy or hard it was to stay on track.  I think some months might shift around from this order a bit to fit the season or life circumstances.  I also reserve the right to swap new goals in as news arises, etc.

So here goes!


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