On the fifth and sixth days of Christmas…

Wow, another 2 days that flew by!  We bunched these two up into one day, which was fine since I’d given the clothes intended for day 5 (The Emperor’s New Clothes) on Christmas day instead.  The oldest niece and I read the story together, then I tasked her with handing out and instructing the smaller ones to write fairy tales of their own in the blank books I’d made them all.  See? Cause the books are blank so you have to pretend there’s a story there… like everyone pretended to see the emperor’s clothes…  Right.

Day 6 was generic “fairies” rather than any one fairy tale.  We read a story that was more or less Cinderella, but called simply “The Fairies” and I told the story of Cinderella and stressed the fairy godmother part.  I sorta flaked out and got a bunch of fairy plastic gunk (some was regifted from a bag o’ Tinkerbell stuff my mom had given me for my birthday in October) and some was stuff I found here and there.  Fairy wings, a tutu, weird little fairy crowns.  Then I tossed a bunch of ribbons and a few chopsticks into the box and voila!  Fairy wands to make!  We had a box o’ fairy.  This was probably my favorite box/book decoration.  See if you can guess why.


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