On the third and fourth days of Christmas…

For the 3rd day of Christmas, our story was the Gingerbread Man.  I’d found a neat book that had 5 or 6 fairy tale-themed games in it at a resale shop (loves me some Salvation Army!), so I used that as a basis for the day’s theme and events.  I also figured we could decorate cookies.  At the 11th hour, I broke down and bought a small stack of gingerbread men from Whole Paycheck and wrapped those suckers up.  Man, I am so glad I did.  They didn’t make the trip in one piece, but it was a nice thing to be able to open, and anyway the 3-year-old dropped the package of cookies after opening them.  So no one really noticed the broken arms.  🙂

The fourth day?  Well, things got a bit hectic, and that day didn’t have a book or anything to read a story from, or anything to open for that matter.  It was supposed to have been the 3 little pigs, and I was going to fetch items from the store to make “gingerbread” houses.  Graham crackers for the walls, a tub of icing for the glue, then shredded wheat, pretzels, and sugar cubes for the straw, sticks, and bricks on each of the pig’s houses.  Since we ran around seeing movies, skiing, sledding, and visiting at other family members’ homes, day 4 came and went without notice.  Mostly without notice.


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