On the first and second days of Christmas…

This year for the 12 Days of Christmas*, I themed the days and gifts with fairy tales.  The first fairy tale?  The story of Sheherazade, so the girls could hear about another lady who told a story a day. As I expected, they were pretty gifted-out that day, so it was low-key and the story was the beginning and end of the first day’s gifts.

For the second day, we read Jack and the Beanstalk.  I gave each of the girls little tiny pots and seeds to grow, plus a bag of “magic beans” we started sprouting.  Sure enough, they sprouted within a couple days and the little one was fascinated.  I was gratified to hear her ask for “Jack anna beanstall?” a couple days after I showed her the beans had sprouted.  I hope the little pots will sprout, too!

*WTF is the 12 days of Christmas?  It’s something I’ve done for a second time this year, to try to offset the avalanche of gifts my nieces get, and to try to get some quality do-something time with them while I visit.  I’ve got more info about it a few posts ago.  I had a sweet picture of all the boxes wrapped up and decorated to look like books on a shelf, labelled for each day, but damned if somehow that didn’t get deleted.  Sadness.  I even brought watercolor paints with me to Michigan to paint them onsite!!  Edit: Dude, I totally found it!


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