Horse hat finally complete. Hurdles jumped, horse puns, etc.

Oh em gee. First, the good news.  After I was one ear (about 9ft) too short on the yarn, as I might have mentioned, after I thought I could find some scraps (I couldn’t), after I thought I could borrow some brown (no matches), I got a second ear all set.

Two ears: harder than it should've been... but typical!

However, getting that second ear led me through unravelling back and trying to re-knit the hat shorter and leave 9 feet left over.  It got messy and after taking it off the needles again and unravelling to a life line, I noticed just how huge the hat was.

Life line, check. Straight life line, not so check. Note to self: don't try to put a lifeline in while in a moving car. In traffic. Stop and go.
Riiiiight. Not so much 8-year-old sized.

I unravelled it all and knit the second ear. Awesome.  Good news.  Great.  I re-cast on the hat, 10 stitches smaller to fit a smaller head. At about 5pm, I started knitting in earnest and finally wrapped up here at 10pm.

Gentlemen, start your needles!

Awesome. Total days: 5.  Total actual hours that should’ve been used for knitting AND finishing: 5.  Total lattes: 2.  Total podcasts: 4.  Total insanity checks: still counting. My outstanding questions are 1) will an 8yo girl dig a chocolate-brown hat?  Should I “line” the ears with pink for good measure?  Bells on the mane, maybe?  2) does it need eyes or are we all on the same page here, that you’re putting ears and a mane on yourself to become a horse?  Cause that’s the page I’m on… 3)  Er…does that hole in the back, designed for a ponytail of human hair to poke through.. does it, um… look too… anatomical?

Now, the sprint to the finish.  One more gift to knit before day 1 of 12 days o’ Christmas, then more to knit for the adult-types who won’t care so much that their gifts are late.  Sorry, adults!

Hat front. That's a mane between the ears.
Hat side. Mane....
Hat back. Party, just like a mullet.

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