GG noob

At least one nerd is driving around today (other than yours truly):


6 thoughts on “GG noob

  1. Audi with GG NOOB license plate is my wife’s car. Picture looks like it was taken as I was turning into my neighborhood. Update: Tuesday Jan 19th at 6:30am. Going about 60 mph. Hit a tire with rim in the middle of the lane I was traveling on. Front end ruined. Lost all coolant and oil. At the body shop now. Lost front plate. Went back later to try and find it, but no luck. Keep an eye out for someone displaying it proudly in their computer room.

    Called me a nerd? As if….

    1. That’s exciting to find the owner of the license plate I so thoroughly enjoyed seeing. I’m sorry to hear about your car. 😦

      And of course you’re a nerd! I say that proudly, happily, boastfully even. But note the post says that you were driving around in addition to yours truly (cause I’m a big ol’ nerd). 🙂 Also, your Blizzard license wrapper was not lost on me!

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