Fine! Here’s the stinkin mailbox

First a little rant: I came home today and a neighbor had put a mailbox on my awaiting post. Thanks, but I reeeeeally don’t need your pity-mailbox. Or your pity lawn mowing. Or your pity pumpkin and chrysanthe–OMG I’m the charity case of the neighborhood.

Sigh. Well, it’s nice to have nice neighbors, but dudes, I was just trying to perfect the space invaders, convert my lawn to prairie, and protest the original invasion of Europeans and the commercialization of holidays in this country. Oh, and I’m hella lazy.

Well, fine.  I replaced the charity-mailbox with the one I’d been working on:  a very un-perfectly painted space invaders mailbox. I hope the unfinished design and uneven paint makes you crazy over in perfect-neighbor land. Choke on it!

p.s. firmly tongue-in-cheek. i like kindness.  i like good neighbors.  i like nice people.  i was very nice and thanked them and all that.

p.p.s. i still like my  geeky house numbers and guess what?  space invaders topiary is on the brain.  muhahahh!

About Nim

LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.
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9 Responses to Fine! Here’s the stinkin mailbox

  1. Deb B says:

    Dear God … I think I love that mailbox so much that I may want to take it home and do bad bad bad things to it all night long. Harumph.

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  7. Nim says:

    It is obvious now that I was completely unclear in my entry above: my neighbors thought I was taking too long to get my space invaders mailbox out there on the post I’d already put into the ground, so they installed a plain plastic mailbox for me while I was at work. I swapped out the one they gave me for the space invaders, even though I wasn’t entirely finished painting it.

    My blog is my usual sarcastic silliness; I know full well I’d gone too long with my project half finished, my yard unmowed, etc. I left the neighbors a nice note inside their plain mailbox and politely returned it. They were being quite thoughtful after all. :)

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