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A few years ago Grist’s Ask Umbra did a comparison of gas companies.  Since then, I’d been loyally going to Conoco-Phillips-66, who at that time was the best in show for humanitarian and environmental reasons.  My information is sadly now outdated, so I did some searching to find out who tops the lists now.  The answer seems to hover around 3 different companies, depending on your sources.  The Fox News (??) article linked here rates Sunoco and BP as hovering at the best.

I also checked A Better World Handbook (which didn’t have dates attached to it, but seems to have been put together at least after 2004), and they agreed, with Marathon taking third—if there were a medal stand of gasoline company olympics.  Sierra Club (whom the Fox News article also quotes) puts the same companies at the top, so after a while, I started seeing that either there are definite patterns or everyone Googles the same search terms as I did.

Bottom line:  Sunoco/BP (and Amoco) “good”, ExxonMobile bad.  Since gasoline is never good, it’s in quotes there.  Maybe I should say “four wheels bad, two feet better.”


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