Sleepy Willy hat

At last! A promised post about this year’s Blizzcon hat. Last year I made murlocs for everyone. This year, only 3 new people were going to Blizzcon, so I decided I’d make them non-murloc knitted hats to wear. One wanted a hunter’s mark hat (his idea), so I whipped something together, which went over very well, actually. More about that in my Blizzcon post over at Nerdabout.

This year: Sleepy Willy. And without further ado, here he is, complete with single baby toof made from Fimo clay. Thanks for modelling, Porsha!

Willy’s backside. You ever fought a beholder from behind (looking at you Druid kitties and rogues)? Yeah, I have, too.


6 thoughts on “Sleepy Willy hat

  1. Love it! Tragically, the only time that my lock ever saw the back of a beholder was during repeated wipes. *sigh* Ah, the memories. The stinky stinky memories.

    1. I sure would…and will! But it’s been years now and I still haven’t gotten around to a pattern. I am planning on it, but yikes have I put it off!

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