Gamer geek house numbers

I got my 8-bit house numbers hung up finally (and when I say that, I mean my brother did it for me [thanks, bro!] after taking pity on me for my lassitude).  Thanks a million to Austin Laser Art for the idea to use the wood and for lasering it up for me!!

Picture 2

Next up: space invaders mailbox!

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LFM to look for meaning. Even geeks can change the world, right? Well, giddyup.
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11 Responses to Gamer geek house numbers

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  2. Alberto says:

    Haha! This is awesome. I want a space invaders mailbox too!

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  7. browse says:

    Looks great!
    What did you use for the template for the numbers? I’d love to use them for painting my house number on the curb.

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  9. I LOVE this! You have so much cool stuff here!

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