Divorce Squanders Earth's Resources | LiveScience

Note: supah snarky ranty rant coming.

Divorce Squanders Earth’s Resources | LiveScience.

Ok.  I’ve defended the “green” movement for years.  I decided to start up this nice little blog to help people find the really easy, cheap, and sometimes even fun ways to be more earth-conscious, which I see online all the time.  In short, I’m an environmentalist, conservationist, and recently, a divorcee.

Reading that article makes me want to buy plastic cups, use them to scoop up toxic waste and spread them over baby seal icebergs until they melt, then watch the baby seals cry and cry their baby seal tears.

You know what else divorce does, in addition to “squandering earth’s resources”? It completely screws your life over.  Your friends, family, finances, and f’everything are 100% turned upside down.  It’s not just “inconvenient” upheaval.  It’s full-scale, death-in-the-family type change.  Your life as you knew it is over.  Forever.  It’s gone.

So please, well-meaning greenies, do not imply this is something everyone goes into lightly.  Do not imply that we signed the paperwork with visions of crying seals in our heads, stroking our pure-white armchair cats.

Know what divorce gave me?  The ability to live closer to my work and bicycle commute; my own house with a yard in which I garden, down the street from which is a farmer selling produce; my own house with a roommate, who before I was here lived alone.  It also gave me the freedom to be as green a hippy as I’d ever hoped, having no children and no car, and escaping the shadow that I felt I was living under in my marriage: a future of many children, disposable diapers, and SUVs to drive them around while they learned to be mindless consumers.

So for this little blog, I’ll still find ways to be green every day, by anyone, but I won’t stand for pious holier-than-thou conservation.  This blog’s point is not to show people how horrible they’ve been, but to allow them to see that conservation can be easy, not just a fad or a packaging gimmick, or a methodology where they need to throw out everything in their house that’s not “green” and go buy new stuff.  That’s the message that’s out there today.  That’s what I intend to lift the veil from, and I won’t stand for the ones who use guilt and shame as a selling tactic.


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