Blizzcon craft, ahoy!

A new thing emerges! Guh, it’s been forever since I’ve made anything at all. But now I’m moved in, unpacked until I get shelves, and things are more or less settled.

So what is it? Hint: I’ve abandoned making a costume for blizzcon. Sadface, but yay to not have the dual pressures of having a costume scrutinied AND having your body in it be subject to the meanface poopy pantses online. I’m not too bad lately, but I just couldn’t quite get to “freya fit” as my alarm told me at 5:45am for weeks. Weeks, dammit!

So it’s not freya-related.

Hint: it will be a hat.
Hint: it will not be a murloc hat. I am, however, finishing up that pattern. I’m slow and unmotivated. Bah.

Thank goodness I only need two hats this year, plus a third one that’s more crafty than knitty.


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