Austin weekend, kinda pearshaped

So first off, a beautiful day was planned! Lunch somewhere south of the river, then a brewery’s first anniversary party for a few hours, then maybe some poolside antics.

Well, we got the lunch part down. Güero’s on south Congress delivered some serious food, and my pals loved the girlflesh that sat near us wearing bathing suit tops and flimsy *ahem* “tit curtains”. Suffice to say I felt underhip to be there, but whatever. I make my boys look aproachable at least.

We headed to the brewery and found parking about half a mile down the road. My friends were obsessed with the railroad tracks the road shadowed. Long story made short by a long line, we skipped the 512 goodness after sizing up what we figured was a two-hour line… in the sun… in a parking lot.

No beer is worth that. Even free beer. Even pecan porter. Sigh.

On the way back to the car, though, we walked on train tracks, just like that time we grew up in the 50s and found that dead body.

We skipped on to Spec’s and made killer orangecicles and piña coladas, finding ourselves actually too cold in the pool!

Once inside, we devolved into the ending of all our gatherings: nerdfest 2009.


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