Gmail: no more registerin’ yer phone!

Hooray!  Hey, thanks for your comments regarding creating email aliases instead of whole Gmail accounts (  I tried it and it seems to work like a charm… except for a few sites.  To wit: registering to win a trip to South Africa from Keen (thanks for the heads up, Wend Blog).  That form wouldn’t let me use the + notation for a Google alias.  There has been another one, too, but I can’t recall which.  Doesn’t matter!  Point is, when I went to create a new email address this time…

Google didn’t make me register my phone to finish activation on my new account!  Yayness.  I am very happy about this and recant every mean thing I said about it.  Was I mean?  I don’t recall.  But I’m back to being bff’s with Google.


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