And on the fourth day, splat.

How to have a, shall we say, checkered start to your day:

  1. Be unable to find your desk keys.  Think again how you need to put them on your car keys.  Be pretty sure they’re in your car.  [they aren’t]
  2. Have a decent workout alone.  (So far, so meh…)
  3. Confirm the keys are not, in fact, in your car.  Think they might be at your desk.  [they aren’t]
  4. Confirm the keys are not at your desk.  Further confirm your desk, with your computer in it, is locked.
  5. Return home to find and fetch keys.  Think “Cool, my nasty sweaty Freya-fit clothes don’t have to cook in my car after all.”
  6. Find keys at home and smugly drop exercise bag and dirty clothes off.
  7. Return to work, thinking you’ll finally be licking this day’s dumb start, and you’ll show it who’s boss.
  8. Realize you have left your wallet and phone in your gym bag, now at home.
  9. Rejoice.  Your day is on track after all.   >.<
  10. Step 10: profit.

Oh wait, there is no step 10.


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