Day 3: More treasures!

I resisted the urge to LOLspeak.  By the way, that is pronounced “lawl-speek” not “ell oh ell speek”.  They are lawlcats, not ell oh ell cats.  Jus’ sayin’.

Day three of my freedom from raids or plans or anything!  I tried to find some material for my Blizzcon costume, but I came up blank.  My mom came over and had some good ideas, although after looking at the pictures of my proposed costume, she tried to sell me on the virtues of working with leather.  It’d look cool, but omg, no thanks to leather in southern California in August.  But hey, maybe that would work after all…

So, treasures!  I went and purchased those swingin’ orange chairs from the Salvo today.  I can’t move them yet, but dammit, they’re mine.  My mom went and saw them and sat in them while they were sold and in limbo at the Salvo’s back room.  She knew exactly what they looked like when I said they were orange.  “Barrel-shaped?” she asked.  Hot.  I love these chairs right in their faces.

Bee tee dub, it’s probably not a good idea to tell your mom your decorating theme for your house is “swinger” and “Heffner” and “anything drinking or poker related”.  Bad idea jeans.  No, mom, I’m not making a frat house, although I’m sure the neighbors must think so.  I’m thinking mid-century urbanity and Las Vegas rat pack.  I should have shown her the pimp shoes I got.  I’ll post those later.  They’re so awesome.

Anyway, mom’s hooking me up with tons of my grandfather’s junk from the 50’s.  I say that with love.  I will not, however, come into possession of the cow patty clock.  No, but thanks.  *shudder*

Mom also brought an extra hammer, a couple of screwdrivers, a trash can, mailbox and post, and the mounting hardware that used to house our old mailbox up on the highway.  I’m glad she didn’t bring our old mailbox.  I’d hate to someday move from here and leave it behind.  Packrat, ahoy!!  Well, clearly I get it from mom, cause she also unearthed a bottle cutting kit she figured she picked up “20 years or so ago at some garage sale”.  Wow.  I’m humbled by her pack rattitude.  Now I can get to work on those awesome wine bottle chandeliers I see on so many craft blogs!

Finally, I also went to a consignment store and found a crazy space ship.  Yup, metal and everything.  I’m not sure why it exists, but it sure is cool.  It was made really well and thoughtfully; I’m just not sure of its actual purpose.  Hella unique, though.  For a mere $3500, you can own it.  It’s at the home store next to Spec’s on Mopac.  It’s crazy bizarre and mighty cool.


2 thoughts on “Day 3: More treasures!

  1. About a month ago I was out at the Oasis (finally) and saw that THEY had purchased the space ship. Now it’s a pause-for-pictures locale amidst all the other crap they have outside there. What a strange place.

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