Day 2: treasures!

Ah, Day 2 of the Me-week.  So very nice, yet again.  The pool still looks nice and clean (go, go gadget robot and super friends!), and today I squared away that nagging ol’ mortgage payment.  Did you know that when you buy a house, they don’t always send you the payment booklet right away?  Imagine that, them not wanting their money and all.

For times like these, when you can’t make a payment online, you can happily buy a single stamp with envelope at HEB.  Yes, indeedy.  Twice a year, tops, I have to make a paper payment. HEB to the rescue!

Guild drama, of the “off with her head” variety, is settling down.  That’s very good.  So what did I do my night off from raiding?  Well…

I called up a friend and we went Goodwilling.  It’s like our favorite thing to do. He finds crazy crap, takes pictures, and generally makes jokes about it all night.  It’s pretty great.  We found a jetskiing clown statuette.  I’d love to show you the picture he took, but sadly he is holding out.  The world will have to use its collective imagination.

Anyway, I found some neat glasses.  There is a nice cut-glass highball and a one-liter-if-it’s-an-ounce mug.

And my super treasure, a little terrarium glass house!  I can’t wait to get this cleaned up and with plants puffing away.

Also, hot and sour soup I’ve been craving since we last had it with his wife and 2 other friends.  Man, good times. I’ll be eating that soup all day tomorrow, as well!  They are not kidding about “large” at Kim Phung.

Finally, at home (in bed by 9:45, mind) I did some crafty stuff!  Yes, finally, I’m getting to my crafts again, albeit house-related.  Tonight, I primered my house numbers.  They’re laser-cut custom house numbers!  Here’s the painted side (which also has a bit of gold glitter on the interior edges.  Do you see it?  lol):

Untitled 2

And the other side for my gamer-geek self, as it was being lasered:


I’ll end up painting both sides and mounting it so that either way can be displayed, depending on how geeky or urbane I feel.  I love that I’ll have such unique numbers out front!


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