Day 1: Austin evening

Day 1 of what?  Of time for ME!  I’ve been so very scattered and busy lately I haven’t had any time to myself.  So today was the first day in weeks that I didn’t have anything planned.  Things just happened.

I needed to get a book downtown (5 acres and independence, if you want a good read on self-sufficiency.  My mom had a copy way back when, and I grew up hearing her talk about it wistfully).  They’d been holding it for me for quite a while at Whole Life Books.  They also happen to be right next to the Alamo Drafthouse. Boo, nothing good showing.

So I found myself down around the river at dusk.  Hm. Time to do something I’ve never done:  watch the bats come out from the bridge!  See the blurs?  They’re bats.

Then, hungry at around 9pm, I went to Maudie’s (again by Alamo) and discovered the Chano special.  OMG, was it good.  I’m pretty sure I could get it vegetarian, so watch out Austin! I’ll be hitting Maudie’s way more.

I felt very Austinny tonight and found myself people-watching more than bat-watching or dining.  I liked hearing the conversation of folks around me, wondering if the bats would fly into their hair (they won’t) or the guy with, no lie, 8 kids who asked if it was too late to see the bats as we walked from our cars to the viewing area.  I loved sitting on the grassy hill to watch, semi-silent as everyone just enjoyed watching an animal do its thing. I really loved thinking about a place that so celebrates bats.  That is wicked cool.

I found myself thinking this is where I belong and that I’ll never leave.  Man, with all the cool stuff around Lamar and Barton Springs, I even can imagine me someday moving there!  Of course, for now, my house is wonderful and so very bikable to work.  Yay for cool options!!


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