@Gmail, WTF? I have to register my PHONE??

Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but when did this happen?  I went to create a new gmail account today and voila! You have to enter your phone number to get a verification code sent via SMS.  What??  That’s ridiculous.

Picture 6

Picture 5

I appreciate your interest in curbing spam, but surely, SURELY there’s a better way than to make me register my phone.  Half the point of my gmail accounts is to keep spam down on my own.  The last thing I want is to have my phone number associated with an email account.

So now I’m stuck.  I’d like to register for a sweepstakes online, but want to use my typical spamwatch method:  create a new mail account for specifically THE site I’m registering on.  If I start getting crap in that email account, I know exactly who sold my info.

Sheesh, I guess I’ll bite the bullet, register the SMS, and thank all that is techie I have unlimited texting on my phone (the Nim plan, as it’s called by my friends.  Bite me, friends!).

*grumble, sulk, smash, stomp*


3 thoughts on “@Gmail, WTF? I have to register my PHONE??

  1. Back in my day they just took your word and handed you your mail with a smile. You damn kids and your internet security, get off my computer lawn!! *fist shaking, fist shaking, fist shaking!*

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