Druid cat skins: Thundercats, Oooooohai!

Well, on the one hand the Tauren bears don’t have chronic ear hair like the NE bears do.  On the other hand, we have no option but nosering for kitties.  Oh, and unfortunate neck beards on the bears, too.  Mamas, don’t let your Druids grow up to grow neck beards.  Neck bears.  Stubble.

I guess this is better.  The old cat looked really … spritely.  Happy to be alive!  Those aren’t spirit fingers!  These are spirit fingers! Too joie de vivre, even for me.  The new kitties are definitely more sinister looking, and certainly more leonid.


It’d be nice to have the cool Panthro cats the NElfs get, but oh well.  At least I won’t be looking to my Sword of Omen every time I shift to cat form as a Tauren.   New NE cat form:  Thundercats!  Hoooooooo!  Old Tauren cat form:  Thundercats!  Heyyyyyyy.  Thundercats!  Ohai!  Thundercats!  Hellohowareyoudoingtoday?


Aw, man.  The NElfs get glowy cat jewelry.  Aw, lemme have glowy cat balls, pleeeeese?  Hm, let me rethink that…  Second thought, I’ll pass on the cat form truck nutz.


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