WoW break dancin’

No, not me; not entirely. But if you go on a WoW break, consider doing so in this fashion. (NSFW printed words below.)

*pours out a 40 for Megan of Out of Mana; takes up the filking torch for a moment*

Flagrantly stolen and morphed from a WoW-breaking friend in my guild (whose also going to Blizzcon. Aroo?), to the tune of “On a Boat” by Lonely Island.

Ahhh shit!
Get your mouse ready it’s about to go down.
Everybody online get in the fucking raid.
But stay on your motherfuckin kodos
We running this, Let’s go:

I’m on a break and, it’s going fast and,
I’ve got a WoW themed ebonweave afghan.
I’m the king of world, on a break like Emo-demon.
If you’re online, then you’re sho’ not me-oh.
{get the fuck up, this break is REAL!!!}

Fuck loot, I’m on a break mutha fucka!
Fuck raids, I climb trees mutha fucka!
I’m at a pub with my boys, mutha fucka!
The raid leader makes noise, mutha fucka!

Never thought I’d be on a break;
It’s a big boozed day off of raids.
Yeah! Ulduar!
Look at me!

Never thought I’d see the day,
With a big break coming my way.
Believe me when I say
I fucked a murloc!

*It’d be great if I could embed the video for “On a Boat” by Lonely Island here. However, all their videos for this song are not allowed for embedding. Go look it up if you don’t know how it goes. It’s a funny song, but after searching through a few YouTubes for an embeddable copy, I’m too annoyed to keep looking. *


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