Skip Mimiron’s trash

The worst part of this is you still have to listen to his monologue one extra time.  Easy steps to skip the trash (10-man.  I can’t vouch for 25-man):

1) Do the first pull.  Send a warrior in, shield wall, and blow up the bombs.  Then deeps the machiney thingy down until someone (a naked someone) can mount the vehicle.  Naked mounting, ftw.


Oh, Ice Turrets suck.  Just get out of range of the frosty bastige.


2) Heal up the vehicle (a tank, just to confuse things) to full, and send your sacrifice along.  Just to be totally clear, only the sacrifice performs steps 3 and 4.  The rest of the team hangs behind, naked if you like, dancing if you prefer.


3) Now run through a bit of the trash to get aggro, and use the vehicle to hop to the end.  The trash should despawn once you get on the tram.

4) Next, carefully cross the frogger bombs that circle Mim’s room, then pull Mim.  Your sacrifice will die, and your raid will go into combat briefly.  But remember, they’re way the hell out at Pearl.  Only the sacrifice was anywhere near Mim.

5) Once you’re out of combat, take the new, shiny portal your dear Bothan teammate died to bring you.  Oh, time permitting, rez your fallen comrade.


This is epic.  This is true.  Now proceed to wipe over and over on Mim.

Next time, Hodir’s fight in detail.  For what it’s worth, with all the stupid snakey trash adds it’s a good idea not to 8- or 9-man the trash.  Technically, though, we had 2 girls in the short-handed group, so it was more like dual boxing than 9-manning.  Still didn’t work when we pulled a million groups at once, though.  Girl power, my leathery cow ass.


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