Nothing is awesome

Seriously awesome.  I did 100% nothing today.  Nothing!  Woo hoo!  No WoW, no knitting, no beading, no conversation, no driving, not even biking or walking.  I slept til noon, watched a ton of mindless TV, hitched a ride with “if you fly I’ll buy” for dinner, then watched the X-files pilot (had no recollection about how early the smoking man was in the series, nor the little nose implant thingy).

My cousin, whom I’ve visited every other weekend this month (she’s east coast, I’m Texas; a pretty decent trip to do twice in a month) texted me today to say “it’s Sunday: shouldn’t I be driving you to the airport today or something?”  Yeah, it’s been a whirlwind for me, and today’s nothing was sooooo nice.

Tomorrow I’ll hit the ground running: the weather’s nice again so I hope to ratchet my bike commute this week up from 2 days a week to 3.  Friday is bike to work day, and I’m manning (womanning?) the table at work for an hour that morning.  Tomorrow is also my intro class for Krav Maga, and pint night to boot.  I think I’m raiding Tuesday and Thursday (10-man only, maybe), unless another healer can go.  I’ll even probably resume house hunting this week.  Sigh.  I want to unpack all my stored stuff someday!  Maybe on one of those free evenings (although one of them might be D&D again this week) I’ll string up the neat beads mom and I found yesterday.

But today… today, was none of that.  I even ditched on going shooting (at a range.  I’m not crazy, sir).  My roommate had a bit of a close call when he went to a shooting range earlier this week.  He peripherally witnessed a suicide!  No joke!  So, I think my lessons in guns might be over for me.  I know how to load and shoot a handgun; mission accomplished.  When the zombies come, I’ll be ready.  But maybe in a down economy and a world of increasingly bad news, I’ll stay away from places that have so many brandished guns.  *tugging at collar* nyeeee…


One thought on “Nothing is awesome

  1. Oooooo, Krav is awesome! I took it last semester until I realized I’m a broke-ass grad student and can’t afford it, but it was so much fuuuuuuun! I’m definitely getting back into it once I have real income again! Enjoy!

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