Camera control in-game

My awesome buddy posted this to an email list of gamers we have at work.  Yes, we talk about WoW at work.    I even legitimately discussed my gaming system setup during a meeting that included my boss.  I love my job.

Anyway, here you go, for those of you jonesing to make some awesome looking WoW videos.  I beg you, consider interesting music rather than the generic stuff everyone puts on their kill videos.  Seriously folks.

From my bovine friend from Ysera:

This one’s for all you budding videographers out there who are interested in getting nice camera moves such as the ones shown in this brief demo:

Nice in-game camera moves are best achieved by the game itself, as it’s basically impossible to match the smooth motion curves with any sort of human input device. One way to do this is to use the camera presets. By default, the speed at which the camera moves between presets is pretty quick – good for in-game use, but not good for cinematic purposes. You can adjust the camera movement speed by altering the time duration of the transition, using a couple of cvars. They are:


# in a slash command context:
/console SET cameraSmoothTimeMax 15.0
/console SET cameraSmoothTimeMin 15.0

# in a script context:

or you can set both at once using a function for ease-of-use. You’d need to slap this in a macro (or some existing mod) then execute it once to declare the function before you can use it. This function will let you more easily adjust the camera speed (less typing).

/script function cam(s) SetCVar(“cameraSmoothTimeMax”,s) SetCVar(“cameraSmoothTimeMin”,s) end

After running the above to declare the function, use the function as shown below. 10 is the duration of the camera preset transition in seconds, but it can be whatever you want. Awesome for videos 🙂

/script cam(10)


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