Know what sucked about this one?  Don’t get me wrong, I like the challenging title-reward events.  I do.  It’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun and take some doing.  And not just in that we only had a couple days to do this on the heels of the Noblegarden event.  That’s ok.  I mean, I personally was travelling for 3 days of the 6 day event (I didn’t want to chance that it would reset sometime tonight, before Thursday actually got here), so that’s just too bad for me.  I wish I’d had more time, but I’m over it.

What really sucked is that you could get pretty stuck in the battlegrounds indefinitely and not achieve an objective.  Or, like me, you could avoid BGs like the plague and get called an idiot in raid chat when you do something wrong.  (People are so mean.  Hey, mean people: don’t you remember the first time you did something new? Did you know exactly, or even remotely, what to do?)  Then, maybe, you just might want to run into a cave.  Maybe that’s why murlocs are all aggressive edge-dwellers.  Theys had thems feelins hurt!

Anyway, I got lucky the first 3 BGs, but Warsong Gulch is always a chaotic crapshoot.  I’m proud of myself for not deserting as soon as I got my achievement.

Oh, but they must’ve buffed Druids for real, or my gear is great: I didn’t die nearly as often or as quickly this time around.  I mean, unless someone got off a stunlock (grumble, grumble), it’d take a couple people to kill me.  I guess I must have had other people healing me too, in addition to me healing myself.  Hey!  How about that!  Working together on a “team” is a good thing!  😛  We should call that something.  Hmm.  How about “doing stuff with other people” or maybe “accomplishing a common goal through cooperation”.  Maybe “grouping up with like-minded individuals for success”.  Gosh, if only there were a single word to summarize this novel concept…

Anyway.  Sleep now, ftw.


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