Ulduar: Antechamber, Freya, and Hodir trash tips

Ok, so you and your nine buddies are running off to whack some elemental rusty-star in the Antechamber and then hit up Hodir and Freya (and maybe do a little seasonal herbalizing there, a week out from 4/20)?  Great.  Cause they nerfed the earlier fights pretty handily, but the trash fights are still kind of challenging at this stage.  Here are some tips on the trash.  Plenty of boss fight info out there, so I’ll just fill in some blanks.  Click the images for less-squinty sizes.


Rune-etched Sentries have a, wait for it, rune they put on the ground.  Stay out of it.  That’s pretty good advice for most things bad guys put on the ground, duh.


Chamber Overseers: they do this hilarious salmon (“devastating”) leap.  It’s targetted, but so quick you won’t likely be able to react.  It stuns, and if memory serves, the stun is AOE.


Storm Tempered Keepers: sparkly balls bad, so range DPS them.  Turn the keepers away, and kill them as close to simultaneously as you can, a la Romulo and Julianne in Karazhan (or insert your favorite other WoW fight like that) to avoid giving one a 50% attack speed buff and 100% damage when the other dies.  They do something bad when they’re tanked together, so we pulled them way, way, WAY apart.  I circled them so you can see them barely hanging on to my screen’s edge.


One thing I will say about Auriaya: LOS the kitties to keep out of pounce.  Just stand in your tank’s pants after he taunts or pulls around a corner to you.  With no one in pounce sight, the cats go to him.  In theory.  Stupid void zones.  Stupid pounce, Stupid kitty litter adds.


Conservatory of Life:  here’s a pro tip: don’t auto run after portaling here.  Free ticket to Looking-Stupidville.  Everything here will make you a vegetarian just out of spite.


Nature’s Blades do a cone AOE thing, so turn them around.  Mangrove ents in groups like the first pull will hurricane.  They may look resto, but they’re packing moonkin aresenals.


In the flower groups, kill the Guardian Lashers first.  Their minion flowers won’t die until the leader big boy is dead.  We’re pretty sure later flower groups have the reverse thing going on, since they just wouldn’t die, gdi.  Spell-stealing mages, ftw.

Hey, know what? Elder Stonebark can be reset by running back towards the portal.  Who knew?  We’re pretty sure this fight should have been easier for us, but hopefully this will make things simpler in the future:  don’t cast during ground tremor (which hits the party for 8k damage).  You’ll be silenced if you do.


Melee, don’t hit him during fist of stone.  He does reflective damage, and something was hitting us for 40k damage, although combat logs just said “melee swing”.  Elder Douchebark buffs himself during fists of stone, which seems to slow himself slightly.  This buff can potentially be given to the tank, and then the tank can’t dodge, parry, etc.  It’s called Broken Bones and it blows.  We had our other tank taunt, or the warrior tank would intervene the hell away and kite until the debuff wore off.  Because he can reset, we made sure to therefore tank the Elder further away from the steps, pretty much at the fork in the path.


As for other trash, Misguided Nymphs and Corrupted Servitor’s life bind can be stolen or dispelled.  If your mage steals it, he will run out of mana, drunk with power.

Oh, during the Freya fight, make sure you know which waves you’re supposed to hide from.  If it’s a big walking tree, just play like smurfs, m’kay?


For Hodir’s trash, Champions of Hodir will cone of cold breath/freeze you.


What?  Can’t see the effect in the image?  Yeah, get used to that unless you spread out, move out of the hallway, or split folks behind and in front of him.


Oh, watch out for the little mounts of snow.  Jormundar adds will burst out from snow mounds that are steaming.  Ew.


I have some tips on what to look for during the Hodir fight, but it’s already past my language-failing time.  And any way, now my time will be devoted to getting yet another title during Noblegarden!  Yay!


2 thoughts on “Ulduar: Antechamber, Freya, and Hodir trash tips

  1. Np. Super swearz I’ll post Hodir tips soon. So many boss fight tips out there, though, it hardly seems worth another page on the interwebs for it. 🙂

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