Ulduar tips beyond WowWiki

…cause these are simple tips.  Tips you don’t see on the boss fight pages.  Also, mainly about trash, since that’s what information isn’t out there (much) right now.  And basics like “where tf does this teleporter go?”  Some tips are going to seem so elementary later, I’ll roll my eyes that I ever wrote something so basic.  But I gotta say, running into an instance and having to be handheld through to find the right boss?  I can do without that.  Maybe you can, too.  And if you’re a bigger and badder raider, cool, but we all have to start somewhere.*

Oh, and all of this is for 10-man fights.  I’m sure it’s similar in 25-man, or close enough.  Ish.

First, Flame Leviathan.  This is a vehicles fight, sorta like Wintergrasp (or so I’m told).  When you see a green arrow, that’s how you get into the vehicle, kind of like if you’ve ever ridden on someone’s mammoth or chopper.   To heal your vehicles, drive over the repair pads.  They look like this (click on most images for larger sizes):


There’s one located here:


Depending on the vehicle you ride, you might have to use long range targetting.  You probably have seen this in some quests in Lich King, but here’s what it looks like.


Also, you can see in this image that like a lot of fights (think Malygos), you’re using your vehicle’s abilities, not your own.  In this case, I spammed 1, 2 or 4 depending on if my siege engine needed to shoot stuff or shield itself.

For my troubles, I got the Energy Siphon.  🙂


On to Ignis, which is still bugged as of tonight.  If you’re teleporting there, it’s the colossal forge, and it spits you out as in the map image below.  Oh, and don’t let the first teleporter fool you:  base camp is where you entered Ulduar.  Tricky, tricky.


Ok, trash. First, we split up the huge magma sentinal guys (Molten Colossi).  They have an AOE silence that is impossible to outrange if you still want to range DPS them or heal your tanks.  We split them up and then had one healer (me) stand way back and heal the ranged.  Worked like a charm.


Then you get a fun debuff called Unquenchable Flames.  Oy.  I’d really like to hearth out to Orgrimmar to see if it would spread…  But anyway.  It stays on you until you die or quench yourself in the waters down by Ignis.  Suffice to say that even after 1-shotting FL and then that engine construct guy XXX-6969 or whatever, we still wiped on Ignis’s trash, so we never got to be quenched.  However, if your team is like mine, you have a lot of downtime even between pulls.  Happily, you can drink and eat while you have the debuff.  Hooray!


As for the Magma Raiders, just run away from their tornadoes.  Yes, they target a member, but they can also switch targets.  I could see the targetted person using Grid, but other mods didn’t show the aggro switches.  Basically, while we were fighting the flaming tornado-elemental looking guys, we would all run up the ramp on the first tornado spawn, let it run out, fight, then run down the ramp when the second tornadoes spawed.  Inelegant, but it works.


Once down the ramp, the last little magma dudes have charge effects.  Just stand in their pants, back to back.  It’s a lot like Gruul’s trash.


Finally, the bugged Ignis.  Frontal cone, he puts you into his ball soup (or you get flame junked, pants pocketed, etc.  Trust me, your raid will bog down here just naming all the permutations of his jiggly pot), he one-shots you, his adds spawn too soon, etc.  Skip him for now.  But by all means, have a look in his hot pocket.


We did the bird fight, too, but he was boring.  I think he might have given me that trinket, though.  Oh, I care soooo much about loot, don’t I?  I’m more interested in how it looks so I can craft it someday.  For that, I’m collecting the entire crochet set.  *sigh longingly*

Anyway.  Final fight for this post:  TK421 or something.  First, this was a nail-biter for us.  I think the wowwiki site sums the fight up, but here are what the effects you need to know about looks like.  If you look like this, run away from everyone else (or stand far apart to begin with).  I mean the glowy part, not the tree part.  Don’t run away just because you look like  a tree.  Sheesh, what’s wrong with you?  Trees are beautiful.  Now go heal something.


Also, that guy there?  The pummeler.  He’ll add during the fight.  Just offtank him.  And all his friends.  They don’t damage much.  Kill the repair bots by all means, though, and those stupid bombs that wander in like strolling bowling, which can all just blow me.  If they explode near you, it’s a LOT of damage.  Numbers are hard for me to quote at 1am, but trust me.  It’s like… lots.


Oh, hey.  I gots me a new purdy vest.  I’d prefer Phaelia’s vestments, cause damn.  Having Blizz name armor after a blogger?  *worship*


More to come as we progress through more bosses or I learn to stay up later.

*I lost my ability to write in human languge at some point in this post.  Apologies.  It’s late and I’m on day 3 of a fast.  I’m pulling the “outta my gourd” card on this one.


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