CraftFail: I has it combines two of my favorite things: crafts and failure.  Hm, that sounded much righter in my head.  Anyway, like Fail Blog (sometimes NSFW), Craftastrophe, What Not to Crochet, and the sadly defunct You Knit What?, this site has a real potential for lols, although each poster only posts his or her own failures, so it also has a much lower chance of presnarkitation.  Don’t get me wrong.  I loves me a good delicious snark a la CakeWrecks. But sometimes it’s all the more yummy to see someone admit their shame, grotesquely misshapened hat in hand.

Dude, wtf??

I’ve posted two of my own craft /fails: a cat toy that looked like an albino blue dong (but with dead eyes that stare into your soul) and a masterfully undersized knitted cat bed.

Seriously, this toy cat dong has the big poolish orphan eyes that just make you want to fill up it’s widdle bowl of beans and then hide it in a drawer in case your neighbors drop by.

Oh, and see that stitching?  That’s quality craftsmanship right there, that is.


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