Fun day in Austin!

Finally!! I’d been trying to go to Mt. Bonnell for weeks, and at last actually did it. Wow, there are some seriously rich people in Austin.

The view was great, the weather perfect, and then we hit the Mayfield House (wait, was that what it was called?) and chilled in the shade with the peacocks.

We hen had us some Maudie’s (also had never been), so I can mark off a few Austin firsts. Oh, we got stuck in some traffic and I vowed to never drive I-35 again; my friends said I was truly an Austinite.

I think we might have joined a gang, too; I’m not sure. But evidently Highland Mall was closed down this year during Texas Relays, since last year there was a big race war there or something. Well, it wasn’t between races, so maybe it was a race civil war, as my buddy pointed out..

Anyway, everyone should just have a hot and crunchy cone and chill the eff out.


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