Best cakewreck evar

Normally I just share Cakewrecks out and be done with it.  (You aren’t reading Cake Wrecks?  You should.  It’s high-larious, and rarely NSFW.)  Occasionally I might send a link to a buddy on iChat.  But this one… this one… I gotta get the word out.  Now, some have scolded me and said this is NSFW.  Fine.  I’ll leave a big ol’ gap before I get to the pic.  Let me describe it for you:  no naughty bits showing, although it is an almost naked (and hairy) man running.  I say almost naked: he’s wearing black socks and shoes (ha!) and a “bitchin sombrero”.  That’s what gets me every time.

So yeah, come on Ted*!  Suck it up!  It’s easier than childbirth.






*I’m also delighted that the cake features the name of my good buddy Ted.  That alone may be why I’m still cracking up.  Ted’s reaction might be the same as on this cake’s!






You ready?  Here comes the questionably SFW image:







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